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  Performance Tracking System

Performance Tracking System is aimed to track the Physical and Financial progress of the Projects, Progress of Reforms and Capacity Building programs in IPoMS (Integrated Poverty monitoring System). PTS consists of 4 sub modules

Project Monitoring System
Reforms Monitoring System
Capacity Building Monitoring System
Beneficiary Information System
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The system will help in tracking overall progress in poverty reduction against BSUP / IHSDP projects and international measures of development success, such as the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs), through the periodic measurement of selected poverty indicators.


Poverty monitoring Indicators are the quantifiable measures of progress towards the intended inputs, outputs, outcomes and impacts of a project. They are the measures for assessing the quantitative and qualitative impact of development efforts.


The ICT of Poverty reduction strategy, will lead to enormous statistical analysis, though which the authorities can monitor the beneficiaries of the welfare schemes, infrastructure facilities provided to the slums, further planning of the welfare projects to various slums etc.